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Written by scholars primarily from institutions in Canada and the United States, Through a Glass Darkly traces its origins to the 2007 Western Regional Conference on Christianity and Literature held at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, where "the seeds of many of the ideas presented in this collection took root" (xi).
Through a Glass Darkly does not entirely escape these criticisms, but to point out weaknesses in individual essays runs the risk of diminishing the value of the volume as a whole.
Karleen Koen has been largely absent from the literary scene for 20 years, and critics who enjoyed Through a Glass Darkly herald her return.
THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (1986): Fifteen-year-old Barbara Alderley is married off to 46-year-old Roger Montgeoffrey.
For Griffiths there are "only images on the edge of nothingness which one can look into, and in which one might see oneself reflected as though through a glass darkly.
Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to see through the misleading appearances, even if it's only partial, temporary sight - like looking through a glass darkly.
Whether religion is an epiphenomenon of the human mind or a response to dimensions we so far glimpse as through a glass darkly is moot.