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AcronymDefinition (video platform)
TTVThrough the Viewfinder (photography)
TTVTrue the Vote (Houston, TX)
TTVTen Thousand Villages (trade fair; various locations)
TTVTrue Tape Virtualization
TTVTotal Thickness Variation (semiconductor wafer planarity)
TTVTransfusion Transmitted Virus
TTVTochigi TV (Japan)
TTVTotal Transaction Value
TTVTapping the Vein (band)
TTVTama TV (Japan)
TTVTime to Value
TTVTouching the Void (film)
TTVTip The Van (band)
TTVTarget Test Vehicle
TTVTable Tennis Victoria (Australia)
TTVTenth Thickness Value
TTVTourism Television
TTVTennis de Table de Venizel (French: Table Tennis Venizel; Venizel, France)
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Both Nichols (who is color vision deficient) and his wife couldnt hold back tears as he looked through the viewfinder to see the scenic beauty of the fall colors for the very first time in his life.
The pics - one shows director JJ Abrams giving Chewbacca a look through the viewfinder - were published by US mag Entertainment Weekly.
At first, we observed that looking through the viewfinder yielded a "corrected" view of the image, meaning, we were seeing a digital rendition.
Everything goes quiet as forty-something eyes watch the spectacle unfold through the viewfinder and dozens of clicks capture the scene.
The camera also intelligently recognises when you're looking through the viewfinder, switching off the screen display when it's pressed against your face.
Again, while it is possible to use the standard eye-level viewfinder for focusing on the specimen, it means that the bellows arrangement must be near floor level, or one must stand on a stool or ladder and bend over to peer through the viewfinder. The answer is to use a right-angled viewfinder.
They just look through the viewfinder and pull the trigger, unleashing a fusillade of bullets and grenades.