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T/RThrust Reverse
T/RTop of Rail
T/RTangential/Radial (wood movement (swelling) ratio due to seasonal humidity changes)
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The thrust reverser directs the aircraft engine's thrust forward and upward through exposed louvers for maximum thrust reverse, Davis said.
Harter is a globally recognized component and accessory maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) station specializing in commercial aircraft accessories, including thrust reverse actuation systems and pneumatics, and electromechanical components.
Affected are hydro-pneumatic batteries, thrust reverse mechanical drives, moisturisers and driers, non-electric starter motors, pneumatic starters and foreign aircraft trainers.
The variable-pitch fan offers an opportunity to optimize the fan blade angle for takeoff, cruise, idle, windmilling, and thrust reverse.
It conducts specialist development engine testing including noise, crosswind, thrust reverse, cyclic and endurance testing on all current Rolls-Royce large engine types and employs nearly 50 people at the facility.