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TIMGThumbnail Image (markup language)
TIMGThe Interactive Multimedia Group of Australia
TIMGToxin-Induced Myasthenia Gravis (neuromuscular disorder)
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The story came complete with a thumbnail image, showing people frolicking around in a swimming pool when a picture of someone having their leg sawn-off would have been more appropriate.
On the main page of the BSO Archives section (http://collections.bso.org), there are links to the two collections--Images and Program Books--with a brief description and a scrollable thumbnail image gallery for both.
Each dashboard has a thumbnail image displayed alongside it in the catalog; this thumbnail can now also be a mini-dashboard dashboard that shows trends and high-level business summaries.
Each thumbnail Image Is about 50k, so a three-month plan will accommodate up to 20,000 uploads.
FILECHOOSER_RESULTCODE = 2888; Click on the browse button; Open URL in Windowed View and display progress for the particular page; Display file chooser for Web form file option; if (image is required from gallery) then image selected from the gallery; else if (image is require from camera) then new folder will be created and captured photos will be added to it; else if (thumbnail image is required) then thumbnail image is selected; else no image is chosen; endif The name of the selected image appears in the web view; Click on the upload button; if (request code == FILECHOOSER_RESULTCODE) then image uploaded to cloud else upload image again endif end.
At the end of each volume is a thematic outline; chronology of battles including a thumbnail image of a map with the location of the war, as well as which story in which volume represented a particular war; a list of conflicts; genres represented, such as graphic novels; author nationalities; award winners and nominees,; media adaptations; and author and title indexes.
But with Instagram blocking the Twitter Cards, not only does this thumbnail image not show up right, but click on the link will make you exit the Twitter app/website and redirect you to the Instagram page for that image.
Wishing them further success, he also indicated that Muharraq Club represents a 'thumbnail image' of the co-existent, one-family Bahraini society, whose members can, with unity, collaborative work, determination and united goals, optimise national achievements.
This CE-compliant product stores up to 5000 jpeg images with a thumbnail image gallery.
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