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TIBTime in Business
TIBTechnische Informationsbibliothek (Germany)
TIBTree-In-Bud (radiologic pattern)
TIBTree Information Base
TIBTera Binary Byte
TIBTerminal Input Buffer
TIBthe Image Bank
TIBTebibyte (2^40 bytes)
TIBThread Information Block (Windows data structure)
TIBTechnical Information Bulletin (Sprint)
TIBTransportation Improvement Board
TIBThe Independent BankersBank (Irving, Texas)
TIBThe Insurance Brokers (New Zealand)
TIBTrust Investment Bank
TIBThe Information Bus(TIBCO Software, Inc)
TIBTake It Back (Pink Floyd song)
TIBTemporary Importation Under Bond (customs)
TIBTops In Blue (US Air Force talent show)
TIBTebibit (2^40 bits)
TIBTake the Internet Back
TIBTaishin International Bank (Taipei, Taiwan)
TIBTag Information Base (Cisco)
TIBTemporary Import Bond
TIBTrustee in Bankruptcy (UK)
TIBThe Incredible Bulk
TIBTransport de les Illes Balears (Catalan: Transport on the Balearic Islands)
TIBThrift Investment Board
TIBTotal Time in Bed
TIBTask Information Base (ITU-T M 3000)
TIBTest Interface Board
TIBText Input Box
TIBTactical Intelligence Battalion (US Army)
TIBThe Internet Bureau
TIBTarget Indicator Bomb
TIBTechnology Investment Board
TIBTenant's Improvements and Betterments (insurance)
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Claire points out that if you look at the buildings, you'll see pictures of animals, an art project that was done recently in reference to Tib Street being the old pet shop street of the town.
The TiB is used in theater to provide reliable communications for CENTCOM Forward Elements.
In 2008, the TIB undertook another performance improvement campaign: a Washington State Quality Award for Leadership review.
Based on metallographic data, AWP has directed efforts to minimize TiB and magnesium oxides in the casting furnace, partially through inert gas pressurization lower casting temperatures, and improved cleaning process.
TIB has appointed Peter Hopper North American technical representative.
TIB Corporate Bank MD, Frank Nyabundege, said, 'Our plans are to attract more corporate clients from the private and public sectors.
Managing director Steve Tranter said in general the CD and DVD market was shrinking, but he was pleased that TIB seemed to be avoiding the problems that have hit other companies.
The liability of TIB is limited to a maximum value of USD 5 million.
Tenders are invited for At MNE & THB Provision of updated Enquiry with NTES, TIB,Announcement System at MNE & Provision of TIB and Announcement system at THB.
Last month TIB announced plans to convert itself into a merchant bank.