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TICKITTeacher Institute for Curriculum Knowledge about the Integration of Technology
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As part of the effort to promote peer communication and support, the TICKIT teachers used a web-based asynchronous conferencing system called "Conferencing on the Web" (i.
During the spring of 1999, these same TICKIT participants engaged in reading reactions and online debates using a different tool, called "V-Groups" from the Virtual University at Simon Fraser University.
It examines the forms of online learning assistance or mentoring from TICKIT instructors as well as the interaction patterns between teacher participants.
Will they refer to the TICKIT program in their posts?
For instance, average words were calculated for 30 random TICKIT teacher posts within each activity.
The interest in gender may have been due to the fact that 18 of the 25 TICKIT teachers that year were female.
TICKIT instructors posted about four to five times in each critical friend pair discussion.
In the following sections, the forms of online assistance or mentoring from TICKIT staff members as well as the social discourse patterns among TICKIT teacher participants are explored.
Mentoring from TICKIT staff was deemed vital to programmatic success.
Instead of selecting debates with no postings, the two selected debates had several threads of discussion indicating TICKIT teacher interest in the topic and perhaps some controversy.
Student-student interaction was also deemed important to TICKIT success.
One research question was how often these teachers referenced aspects of the TICKIT program in their teaching.