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TIGERSThe Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (Myrtle Beach, SC)
TIGERSTrials of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services (2000-2003; Australia)
TIGERSTechnology Integration Grants for Educational Resource Sharing (California State University)
TIGERSTax Information Group for ECommerce Requirements Standardization
TIGERSTandem Illinois Going Everywhere Riding in Style (Springfield, IL)
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Without waiting to hear more Dorothy ran to get Billina, and just outside the door she came upon the Cowardly Lion, still hitched to the chariot beside the great Tiger. The Cowardly Lion had a big bow of blue ribbon fastened to the long hair between his ears, and the Tiger wore a bow of red ribbon on his tail, just in front of the bushy end.
I knew that it was practically beyond reason to imagine that tigers had crossed the mountain ranges and rivers and all the great continent of Europe to travel this far from their native lairs, and entirely impossible that they should have crossed the English Channel at all.
And then we will go out together, the Fish-Eaters and the Meat-Eaters, and we will kill the tigers and the lions and the wolves and the wild dogs, and we will pasture our goats on all the hill-sides and plant our corn and fat roots in all the high mountain valleys.
The first was of the big Indian tiger. Free-born in the jungle, and free all his days, master, according to his nature and prowess, of all other living creatures including his fellow- tigers, he had come to grief in the end; and, from the trap to the cramped cage, by elephant-back and railroad and steamship, ever in the cramped cage, he had journeyed across seas and continents to Mulcachy's Animal Home.
The other was a great Tiger with purple stripes around his lithe body, powerful limbs, and eyes that showed through the half closed lids like coals of fire.
I thought at first you were a tapir or a tiger. No harm intended.
Out of your wild cats must tigers have evolved, and out of your poison- toads, crocodiles: for the good hunter shall have a good hunt!
Sometimes it falls in the dry summer and sometimes in the wet rains--this one Night of the Tiger. But for the First of the Tigers, this would never have been, nor would any of us have known fear."
There were tigers and elephants and bears and wolves and foxes and all the others in the natural history, and for a moment Dorothy was afraid.
If the millionaire had been let alone he would have devoured the tiger."
Time and again the colossal bull tossed the enormous tiger high into the air, but each time that the huge cat touched the ground he returned to the encounter with apparently undiminished strength, and seemingly increased ire.
"There will be lots of fat babies at the celebration, I hear," remarked the Hungry Tiger, yawning so that his mouth opened dreadfully wide and showed all his big, sharp teeth; "but of course I can't eat any of 'em."