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TCUTexas Christian University
TCUTribunal de Contas da União (Court of Accounts, Brazil)
TCUTransitional Care Unit
TCUTransmission Control Unit
TCUTurbo C Utilities
TCUTiming and Control Unit
TCUTeachers Credit Union
TCUThailand Cyber University
TCUTowering Cumulus (meteorological)
TCUTowering Cumulus (cloud formation)
TCUTribal Colleges and Universities
TCUTransportation Communications International Union
TCUTemperature Control Unit
TCUTotal Cost of Utilization (service payment)
TCUTerminal Control Unit
TCUTerms and Conditions of Use
TCUTeacher's Credit Union
TCUTrunk Coupling Unit
TCUTransportation, Communications, and Utilities
TCUTiming Control Unit
TCUTape Control Unit
TCUTransit Canine Unit (NY Police Department)
TCUTelemetry Control Unit
TCUTransports Collectifs Urbains (French: Urban Public Transport)
TCUThermal Combustion Unit (oilfields)
TCUThreat Containment Unit
TCUTraffic Control Unit
TCUTransmitter Control Unit
TCUTeletypewriter Control Unit
TCUTransportable Computer Unit
TCUTransportation Coordination Unit (emergency management)
TCUTactical Control Unit
TCUTrue Colour Unit
TCUTelecommunications Control Unit
TCUTri-Cam Unit (Rock Climbing Equipment)
TCUThruster Control Unit
TCUTest Control Unit
TCUTight Close-Up
TCUTurbocharge Control Unit
TCUTime Code Unit
TCUTactical Computer Unit
TCUTactical Communications Unit
TCUTransaction Control Unit
TCUThe Christian Underground
TCUTask Control Unit
TCUTechnical Compliance Unit
TCUTest of Concept Utilization
TCUTerminal Command Update
TCUThrust Control Unit
TCUTransportation Control Unit
TCUTourism Coordination Unit
TCUTracking Control Unit (UAV)
TCUTest Computer Unit
TCUTrunk Compatibility Unit
TCUTorpedo Control Unit
TCUTennis Club Universitaire (French: University Tennis Club; Switzerland)
TCUTelemetry and Command Unit (military satellite communications)
TCUTransit Control Unit
TCUTransportation and Communication Union (Canada)
TCUTeletype Control Unit
TCUTeletype Communications Unit
TCUTime Critical Units
TCUTest Compatibility Unit
TCUTri-City University
TCUTrack Calibration Unit
TCUTimestamp Check Unit
TCUTechniques Contre l'Usure (French: Techniques against Wear)
TCUTrust Certificate Unit
TCUTeam Carrie Underwood
TCUTransport Colis Urgent (French: Urgent Transport Parcels)
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Van Dam's account is readable, but, like the bravura camera work in an art film, its rapid shifts from wide-angle "landscape" shots to tight close-ups, flashbacks, and in one place a drastic "flash forward," interspersed with narrative scenes to establish the protagonists' personalities can be rather disorienting (66-69).
Luhrmann shoots his central characters almost obsessively in tight close-ups that suggest psychological intensity.
That's how he was able to to get those really tight close-ups of Anka on the stage.
Some of the shots are out of focus and the continuous use of tight close-ups obliterates the details of the original settings.
He also knows the value of tight close-ups, of voiceovers and rhythmic editing and reaction shots of the characters around the King.
Camera work is often hand-held, though tight close-ups are overused.
Characters might be shot from a severely limited array of camera positions (Hiroshi Shimizu's Star Athlete [1937], for example) or in tight close-ups whose tempo was dictated by characters' abrupt entrances into the shot (e.g., Mikio Naruse's Street Without End [1934]).
Imagine grainy images of hard-body youths in tight close-ups. The copy might read: "Sun-dried clothes.
Far more immediate-seeming is the effect of a bar scene that pans between tight close-ups of Jim Dickerson on piano and Jerry McGill on guitar belting out "Wild Bill Jones."
He shifts from hard-guy Keystone Cops pics to note-for-note depictions of faces to scenes that seem like unintentional parodies of the action to tight close-ups of mouths to repeating images - as if he most of all wanted to keep up with March's busyness.
Helmet Fernandez has a penchant for tight close-ups on objects like fires, compasses and dusty books, which take on a spooky, totemic status.
Latter, "The Leone Style" provides a good selection of clips animating points about his penchant for wide shots followed by tight close-ups, his focus on rugged faces and his inspiration by classic portraits.