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Based on the 30,696 participants without diet-controlled diabetes, the researchers found that 18 percent had moderate or poor control, 30 percent had conservative control, 26 percent had tight control taking low-risk agents, and 26 percent had tight control taking high-risk agents.
Ihe primary concern, which is mainly theoretical, is that tight control of hypertension may lead to underperfusion of the uterus, ultimately resulting in fetal growth restriction.
Key to delivering tight control was the use of control panels, custom-designed by the contractor, incorporating individual inverter drives for the plant's two Frascold compressors.
"Maintaining tight control over all expenditure, making savings wherever possible, must be a key objective for Nick Rust and his team."
A blockbuster monsoon and tight control on expenses has allowed the company to post growth in the first half of the year.
PV3101 uses full differential voltage, current, and tempera-ture measurements and an 11-bit ADC to provide precision measurement (e.g., [+ or -]3% IOUT accuracy over temperature), tight control (e.g., [+ or -]0.5% VOUT over line, load, and temperature), and accurate real-time reporting of telemetry information for key power supply parameters.
The Suffolk-based company, whose beers include Abbot Ale and an award-winning IPA, said it had boosted food sales and kept tight control of costs.
"In young diabetics, tight control has been shown to reduce the risk of blindness and kidney disease," Dr.
Mourad Medelci, the Algerian foreign minister, visited Tripoli earlier this year and promised to exercise tight control over the family.
China still maintains tight control over the yuan and bank fees are costly.
Steps taken to protect the turtles include tight control on the entry routes of vehicles to the Fuwairti area on the north-east coast and regular awareness campaigns [...]