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Less-tight versus tight control of hypertension in pregnancy.
A blockbuster monsoon and tight control on expenses has allowed the company to post growth in the first half of the year.
Seniors with coronary artery disease or vascular disease should not try tight control, nor should anyone with end-stage kidney disease or severe vision loss.
Steps taken to protect the turtles include tight control on the entry routes of vehicles to the Fuwairti area on the north-east coast and regular awareness campaigns targeting fishermen, instructing them to release them if caught in their fishing net.
Only in developing countries, where tight control is often not feasible, could less-strict control be acceptable for type 1 diabetes.
For most people with diabetes, keeping blood glucose under tight control isn't easy, but the benefits are indisputable," insists John Buse, president-elect of the ADA's medicine and science sector.
This theme of tight control plays out in our own communities each day as those with power hold onto their power, unwilling to share (even at their own cost) the work of being God's people.
The average blood pressure in the tight control group was 144/82 mm Hg and in the loose control group was 154/87 mm Hg.
The Tribune notes, "China makes little or no distinction between acts of political violence and peaceful protests, and also places significant restrictions on the practice of religion, including keeping tight control on religious leaders and banning the religious education of children.
The new control system will allow Conarpesa to maintain tight control of their room temperatures and conserve energy in the bargain.
W&M's focus on tight control and supervision of projects within their own properties also spelled success on outside jobs.
Before advising diabetic patients to embark on more complicated treatment regimens, researchers had to confirm that tight control of blood glucose really provided significant gains.