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IKSInternes Kontrollsystem (German)
IKSTiksi (Russia)
IKSInformation and Knowledge System
IKSInterkantonale Kontrollstelle für Heilmittel
IKSImperial Klingon Ship (Star Trek)
IKSInternational Kolping Society (Cologne, Germany)
IKSIndependent Karate School
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In turn, Nikolai Duraev thanked the Japanese Consulate for the support in the implementation of the project for the construction of a wind farm in the village of Tiksi in the Bulun region and described how it is being built.
The plane was traveling from the Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg when it crashed 16 miles from Tiksi village, the source said, adding that the aircraft was carrying a rotating team of officers.
Shutilin, 2011: Climate of the Hydrometeorological Observatory Tiksi region (in Russian).
They are: Alykel, Besovets, Khatanga, Kogalym, Kotelny Island, Mirny, Severomorsk (Murmansk), Olenya (Olenegorsk), Raduzhny, Salekhard, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tiksi, Dresba airbase at Pevek, Petrozavodsk, Ugolny and Yakutsk.
The aircraft was certified at the end of last month to operate in the high north latitude area, after undergoing trials at YakutiaOs Tiksi Airport, located at the 71.
Archaeological Research on the Islands of the Sun and Moon, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia: Final Results from the Proyecto Tiksi Kjarka.
As part of his working visit to Siberia and Far East, Putin visited a copper plant in Norilsk, Siberia's northernmost city, as well as a natural reserve and a meteorological center near Tiksi in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
The NSR provides access to such regional ports as Novy Port, near the mouth of the Ob River; Dikson, Dudinka, and Ingarka (towns on the Yenisei that have served as loading points for mineral and timber resources); and Tiksi, at the mouth of the Lena River.
Below, a seismogram chart of Tiksi, Russia, recorded during the claimed test.
On a recent visit to Yakutsk and Tiksi in the Sakha Republic of Siberia, Falkowski and Allen confirmed the existence and location of a series of these tightly controlled camps along the west side of the Lena River in the Bulun region of the Sakha Republic.
A few days later Tiksi, 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle, had astonishing temperatures of 92F (33.
In his first detailed study on birds, Gladkov (1958) mentioned several rare species and noticed differences in species composition between areas, but he covered only the Tiksi Bay region.