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TTMTrailing Twelve Months
TTMTrailing 12 Months (business/finance)
TTMThrough the Mail (autographs)
TTMTESS (Tactical Engagement Simulation System) Training Missile
TTMTime To Market
TTMTargeted Temperature Management (health care)
TTMTraditionelle Thai Massage (German: Traditional Thai Massage)
TTMTrichotillomania (impulse control disorder to pull out one's hair)
TTMThailand Tobacco Monopoly
TTMTranstheoretical Model
TTMTest Traffic Measurements
TTMThai Traditional Medicine (Thailand)
TTMTensile Testing Machine (metallurgy)
TTMTalk To Me
TTMTo the Moon
TTMTelegraphic Transfer Middle Rate (foreign exchange market)
TTMThe Time Machine
TTMTo the Max
TTMTulsa TV Memories
TTMTraditional Tibetan Medicine
TTMTrain the Trainers Manual
TTMTheater Transportation Mission
TTMTex to MathML (translator)
TTMThreat Training Manual (US DoD)
TTMTemporary Traffic Management
TTMThe Third Manifesto
TTMTo the Moderator
TTMTimely Topics in Medicine
TTMTam Tam Mandingue
TTMTeman Tapi Mesra (Indonesian song)
TTMTata Motors Inc.
TTMTraining Target Material (US DoD)
TTMTest Traffic Measurement (Service)
TTMTravel and Tourism Management
TTMTable Top Meeting
TTMTecnologie Trasporti Mare (Italian shipping magazine)
TTMTextile Technology Management
TTMTexas Transportation Museum (San Antonio)
TTMTurntablist Transcription Methodology (musical notation)
TTMToyota Tsusho Metals (London, UK)
TTMTotal Therapeutic Management
TTMTri Town Marine (Harrington, ME)
TTMTotal Tumor Mass
TTMTime to Myself
TTMTiming Test Measurement (Symmetricom)
TTMTour of the Tucson Mountains
TTMTrans Thai-Malaysia Ltd (pipeline company)
TTMTennis de Table de Montgermont (French: Montgermont Table Tennis; est. 1983)
TTMTroubleshooting Manual
TTMTest Manual
TTMTaconic Transgenic Models (laboratory animals)
TTMTranquility Training Method
TTMThe Tactile Mind (publisher)
TTMTerrorism Threat Monitor
TTMTime Transfer Message
TTMTommy the Matchmaker
TTMTen Ton Music (UK studio)
TTMTarget Trajectory Mapping
TTMTotal Trust Management
TTMTutor Training Manual
TTMTelescopic Trailer Mast
TTMTiny Tin Men (miniature wargaming blog)
TTMTelecom Test and Measurement
TTMTightrope Technologies Motorsport (Ireland)
TTMTransform-Task Method
TTMTill This Moment
TTMTilting Tumbling Machine
TTMTechnologie Transfer Marburg eV (Germany)
TTMTouching the Monolith (podcast)
TTMTransition and Transformation Methodology (various organizations)
TTMTactical Tasking Message
TTMTarget Threat Manager
TTMTactical Target/ing Material
TTMTiny Task Manager
TTMThrough Transmissive Media Modules
TTMTransceiver Timing Module
TTMTelstar Tecnologia Mecánica SL (Spain)
TTMThe True Maker
TTMTime Transfer Modem
TTMTrue for Transactional Modeling
TTMTest Tube Miller (laboratory device)
TTMTime-Triggered Methods
TTMTechnical Task Manager
TTMTimber Stringer--Metal Deck (engineering)
References in classic literature ?
It is now some months ago that my wife left me in this way, and since then I have spent every day in searching for her; but never till this moment have I come upon the least trace of her.
Indeed I did not," answered Allworthy; "nor did I know he had gone on such an errand till this moment.
Indeed, I hardly knew them myself, as definite, till this moment.
So far from having long understood you, I have been in a most complete error with respect to your views, till this moment.
Speaking about the equipments available for the school he said "we have a place for the science lab, the computer lab, and a library, but till this moment we did not receive any of the needed equipment.
To meet all of you (maybe not exactly all 35,000 of you) will be a real honour for me, because till this moment no one ever did for me something like you.
Till this moment, I never knew myself" is not one of the greatest moments of literary self-discovery ever written
I didn't know till this moment there was anyone who'd make me cry by just dying - I'd forgotten how to remember love till this moment of breaking - I thought I was hollow as a chime but at this touch my space is screaming out of the blues into the brackish white-water and the black sea of you -
He admitted their positive calls and statements, although the Russian calls have not been put into force till this moment.
As you know, Khan Sheikhoun is under the control of Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board), which is a branch of Al Qaeda, so the only information the world have had till this moment is published by Al Qaeda branch.
We wished that the US would use that super power against the ISIS, yet up till this moment it has not used it despite of the alleged coalition it formed three years ago which only shells the Syrian infrastructure such as the bridges, hospitals and schools and which divulges the truth of the support provided by the US to the terrorist organizations," Mikdad said.
Till this moment, the effects of Shale oil in the north American market was limited, said the report, adding that it had an indirect effect on the world market through the decrease of OPEC's crude imports.