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TDEVTime Deviation
TDEVTransport-Level Deviation
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To evaluate how well a train schedule coincides with time-dependent travel demand, the average time deviation between the expected departure time and the actual boarding time is used as another index.
A larger average time deviation, longer transfer times, and longer travel time occur.
As shown in Figure 6, the average time deviation of 90% of passengers was less than one hour and the average time deviation of 69.
Caption: Figure 6: Proportion of passengers experiencing average time deviations.
A formula for the observable relative time deviation [phi] = [[eta].
This formula verifies our previous conclusion that the particles have a time deviation only if they are in motion.
15), their relative time deviation is zero, [phi] = 0 (the time flow measured on both geodesic lines is the same).
Independent variables considered for mode choice model development included sex, age, level of education, ticket payer, group size, travel purpose, fare, fare deviation to income ratio, waiting time deviation multiplied by income, satisfaction level on reliability, punctuality, ground service, safety, comfort, on-board service, food and beverage service, fare promotion, accessibility to tickets, public relations, and cabin quality.
Based on the logit model developed, the five significant factors influencing mode selection are 1) group size, 2) fare deviation to income ratio, 3) waiting time deviation multiplied by income, 4) satisfaction level on punctuality, and 5) satisfaction level on safety.
In this case, aside from the usual firing time deviations with pyrotechnic detonators, typically more than one-third of the blast holes release very little energy in the form of transmitted seismic energy over multiple accelerometer stations.
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