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TDISTotal Dissolved Inorganic Solids
TDISTimely Discharge Information System (healthcare)
TDISTime Distance
TDISTravel Document Issuance System (US Department of State)
TDISThoroughbred Direct Intermodal Services, Inc (Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania transportation company)
TDISTraining Development Information System
TDISTest Documentation Information System
TDISTest Data Information System
TDISToronto Dominion Investment Services, Inc. (Canada)
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Therefore, we call it as the measured impedance convergence based inverse time distance protection in this paper.
In application, in order to guarantee the reliability of the identification of impedance convergence, the proposed measured impedance convergence based inverse time distance protection should be applied after data window length exceeds 10ms.
Through comparing the features of two kinds of inverse time distance protection, it can be found that both have their own advantages and shortcomings.
Simulation results in Table 1 to Table 4 show that combine the advantages of step mode and measured impedance convergence based inverse time distance protection can improve the protection performance of zone 1.
So what is the full time distance consultant, how do you know if you are a full time distance consultant?
If eight or more of these apply to you then you could consider yourself a full time distance consultant.
Tenders are invited for Set Consisting Of 4 Items For Speed Sensor Type 813 Of M/S Medha Make Speed Time Distance Recorder 1 Sensor S/A-To Medha Pt No.
Analysis of the relative-risk (RR) variations when space and time distances vary, highlighted the maximum space and time extent of a dengue transmission focus.
Results were calculated for time distances varying from 1 to 200 days (duration of the epidemic) by 1-day step and spatial distances varying from 5 to 6,500 m (step: 5 m).
A first analysis of the RR variations when space and time distances vary over all the epidemic's extent highlights a main risk area, with RR > 1 (p < 0.
Although the RR values are different for the same space and time distances, they are correlated with a high correlation coefficient (r = 0.
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