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T/FTime Frequency
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T/FTie Fighter (Star Wars)
T/FTerrain Following
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Using a sliding data window, the STFT can obtain the time frequency characteristic of discretional spot.
In order to locate the interference spot in time frequency domain, good temporal and spectral resolutions are necessary.
The time frequency distribution of the received signal is subjected to image processing techniques in order to identify transmission parameters of the primary user as displayed in Figure 1.
7) showed in their pilot study that the time frequency distribution patterns of QRS complex calculated by wavelet analysis did not vary significantly from beat to beat during good signal quality.
Published four times a year as part of Rubber World's sixteen time frequency.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: ENSMM Department 26 rue Time Frequency of Epitaph CS 51813 25000 Besanon
Fourteen contributions describe audio watermarking methods based on spread spectrum, parametric synthesis, correlation detection, chaotic signal, echo hiding, peak point extraction, and time frequency approaches.
Subscribers can instruct their digital cameras to capture images based on motion detection or on a time frequency, after which the images are transmitted to a secure web site provided by the service.