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The law says you are entitled to reasonable time off with pay for antenatal care, including parentcraft/relaxation classes, plus 18 weeks' ordinary maternity leave with all your normal terms and conditions (except pay, which depends on length of service).
These primarily included time off with pay, gift certificates for lunch or dinner, stock options and trips (to credit conferences).
City employees with these types of injuries would have received medical attention and time off with pay from the city.
If an injury is determined to be work-related, the employee is entitled to medical care and time off with pay.
Employer Support Paid examination fees 45% Paid for study guides/materials 40% Provided time off with pay while taking exam 34% Provided time off without pay while taking exam 5% Paid for travel/lodging expenses during exam 5%
Compliments from residents, visitors, or staff are announced and recognized by the whole facility and rewarded with stars that housekeepers redeem for free meals, gift certificates, or time off with pay.
Time off with pay is available to employees in a variety of forms, from daily rest breaks to annual vacations of several weeks.
This might even entail time off with pay for an employee who participates in certain activities.
Tasca, a 42 year veteran of the department, said he is being investigated for taking time off with pay to be with his daughter while she was going through medical treatment.
Trade union activities (duties as trade union official) - right to reasonable time off with pay
An employee who is being made redundant is entitled to take reasonable time off with pay (but no more than two fifths of a week's pay in total, regardless of the length of time off allowed) to look for another job, or to arrange training for future employment.