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TSTVTexas Student Television
TSTVTime Shifted TV (IPTV service)
TSTVTotal System Tactical Validation
TSTVTactical System Test & Validation
TSTVTactical Systems Total Validation
TSTVTroy Schools Television (Troy, Michigan)
TSTVThermal Sensor Test Vessel (Layton Refrigeration Company)
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In addition, services such as time shifted TV experience have encouraged TV households to shift from their existing TV platforms to IPTV.
The capability allows operators to insert new or replace existing advertisements in premium VOD content, free VOD content, or time shifted TV. The ad replacement features can be used to insert specific ads in time shifted TV content for targeted zones being served.
The Nielsen Company reports that in a week the average American watches 35 hours of traditional TV and two hours of time shifted TV versus 20 minutes of TV on the Internet.