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TATSTime and Temperature Sensitive
TATSThreat Assessment and Tactical Solutions (firearm self defense)
TATSTotal Army Training System (now The Army Training System)
TATSThe Army Training System (formerly Total Army Training System)
TATSTotally Accurate Tank Simulator (gaming)
TATSTactical Airlift Training Squadron
TATSThink About the Scene (acting)
TATSTactical Armament Turret System
TATSTransient-Effect Area Test Signal
TATSTransportation Aviation Test and Support
TATSTerminal Acceptance Test Station
TATSTactical Transmission System
TATSTowed Array Test Set
TATSTest Access and Testing System (Telcordia)
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Perishable products such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and fresh meat from Africa and chilled meat from Australia, as well as pharmaceuticals from India, and many other commodities from various countries around the world, are shipped everyday on Emirates SkyCargo through its cool chain products and services, which are specifically designed to move time and temperature sensitive goods according to varying customer needs.
"Unless otherwise specified in a contractual agreement, it is the responsibility of the shipper to apply the Time and Temperature Sensitive label for Healthcare Products to the outermost visible means of containment (e.g.
This translates to high risk of exposure to extremes and delay the bane of any time and temperature sensitive drug product shipment.
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