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TFSOTonto Forest Seismological Observatory (Payson, AZ)
TFSOTime from Symptom Onset (healthcare)
TFSOTask Force on Sexual Orientation (National Education Association)
TFSOTank Farm Surveillance and Operations
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In cardiac arrest group, we recorded the time from symptom onset to consciousness loss, and time from consciousness loss to reperfusion.
We calculated the time from symptom onset to EVD test by subtracting the self-reported symptoms-onset date from the first EVD test (which occurred on the date of admission to an EIC or ETC).
The 3 inclusion criteria were (a) age [greater than or equal to] 18 years, (b) time from symptom onset to hospital admission <6 h, and (c) NIH Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score at hospital admission [greater than or equal to]4 points.
Nonetheless, implementation of the RITE strategy resulted in substantial reductions in the time from symptom onset of the index patient to outbreak alerts, in the duration of outbreaks, and in the case-fatality rate.
1] The most important determinant of outcome, irrespective of which form of revascularisation is selected, is the time from symptom onset to restoration of flow in the obstructed artery.
3-11) Nevertheless, early treatment is unrealistic for most RA patients in the absence of adequate educational, triaging, and referral systems as studies analyzing the time from symptom onset to delivery of DMARDs have reported significant delays.
Compared with the patients who died, survivors were younger when diagnosed with PML, had a shorter time from symptom onset to diagnosis of PML, and had more localized disease on brain MR1.
Median time from symptom onset to treatment with the antiviral drug oseltamivir was seven days.
An inability to identify symptoms such as nausea, jaw pain and fainting, as well as more common signs such as chest and left arm pain, boost the median time from symptom onset to hospital admission, which is now 2.
The median time from symptom onset to administration of the thrombolytic tenecteplase was 2 hours.
8) The MR technique and the time from symptom onset to MR evaluation is comparable in our case to those in Rizzo's study.
The isopropanolic black cohosh extract was more effective than placebo depending on time from symptom onset and follicle-stimulating hormone level.