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TOFTop of Form
TOFTime of Flight
TOFTable of Figures (Microsoft Word)
TOFTomsk (Russia)
TOFTetralogy of Fallot
TOFTable of Figures
TOFTop of File
TOFTimer Overflow Flag
TOFTokenized Form
TOFTime Out Factor
TOFTop of Footing (construction)
TOFTracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (UK)
TOFTrain of Four
TOFTake Off Fuel (aviation)
TOFTurnover Frequency (enzymology)
TOFTransfer of Function
TOFTrial of Forceps (pregnancy)
TOFTons of Fun
TOFTransfer of Funds
TOFThreads of Fate (video game)
TOFTop of File (computers)
TOFTales of Fandom (video game)
TOFType of Failure
TOFTool Order Form
TOFTop of Foundation (construction)
TOFTime Of File/Filing
TOFTime on Offence
TOFTest Operations Facility (US NASA)
TOFTechnical Operations Facility
TOFTop of Fuel
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The time of flight was calculated for the proton and using the adiabatic approximation.
00) can go to the Mary Reveley-trained Time Of Flight.
These include among others; adiabaticity of particle orbits, tracking of orbits, reversal of low energy protons due to inhomogeneous electric field, and accuracy of proton time of flight measurements.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: gas chromatograph (gc) with a downstream quadropole time of flight mass spectrometer (q-tof), including pc control software for control and evaluation, as well as accessories.
The time of flight information from the CsI detectors allows the [gamma]-ray asymmetry [A.