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TTSText To Speech
TTSTeka Teki Silang (Indonesia crossword)
TTSTabletop Simulator (gaming)
TTSThe Transplantation Society (Canada)
TTSTelephone Technical Support
TTSTime to Send
TTSTransactional Tracking System
TTSTemip Tcl Scripting
TTSTicker Tape Server
TTSTwo Tier Scheduling
TTSTool Tip Style
TTSThru Tubing Solutions (Oklahoma City, OK)
TTSTemporary Threshold Shift (hearing)
TTSTime to Stabilization
TTSTeacher Training School
TTSTrue to Size (merchandise fitting)
TTSTenure Track System (various locations)
TTSTransdermal Therapeutic System
TTSTelegraphic Transfer Selling (currency rate)
TTSTwin Transfusion Syndrome (medical)
TTSTransaction Tracking System
TTSTotal Technical Support (various companies)
TTSTravel Time System (various locations)
TTSTrinity Theological Seminary (various organizations)
TTSTime to Sleep
TTSThrough the Stargate (gaming)
TTSTable Top System
TTSTrouble Ticketing System
TTSTotal Training Solutions
TTSTransmission Test Set
TTSThe Thespian Society (Philippine Normal University)
TTSThe Transit System (Texas)
TTSTransportation Technical Services (est. 2003)
TTSThrough-The-Scope (esophageal balloon dilator)
TTSTime to Service
TTSTaipei Trade Shows (Taiwan)
TTSTask Tracking System
TTSTotal Technology Solution (software)
TTSTechnology Transfer Society
TTSTargeting-Tracking System (gaming)
TTSTracked Transit System
TTSTravel to Scanplane (MRI scans)
TTSTimed Transition System
TTSTest Technology Symposium
TTSTank Thermal Sights
TTSTechnical Training Squadron (USAF)
TTSTrouble Tracking System (Hekimian)
TTSTrue Total Sulfur
TTSThermo Time Switch
TTSTechnical Training Specialist
TTSTactical Training Strategy
TTSTilt Tray Sorter (baggage handling systems)
TTSTransition to Support
TTSTemporary Technical Services, Inc.
TTSTraining the Street, Inc (New York, NY financial instruction)
TTSTime Temperature Superpositioning
TTSTransistor-Transistor Logic, Schottky Barrier
TTSTactical Training Simulator (US DoD)
TTSTemperature Test Set
TTSTask Transfer Sheet
TTSTechnical Test Specification
TTSTransparent Touch Screen
TTSTransition to Supervision
TTSTarget Tug Squadron
TTSTIRKS Table System (Alcatel)
TTSTorrance Transit System (California)
TTSTelemetry Test Simulator
TTSTimber Stringer- Timber Deck (engineering)
TTSTriple Transient Suppression
TTSTertiary Trauma Survey (medical examination)
TTSTotal Travel Service, Inc.
TTSTape Tracking System
TTSTrunk Traffic Simulator
TTSToeristiek Travel Search (tourism; Netherlands and Belgium)
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And he threw himself back in the calash, not this time to sleep, but to think.
Mostly, housemaids don't have enough time to sleep at night.
Efficacy measures were patient self-reported time to sleep onset (sTSO), self-reported total sleep time (sTST), and self-reported wake after sleep onset (sWASO), as well as the polysomnographic end points of latency to onset of persistent sleep (LPS) and wake after persistent sleep onset (WASO), he said.
In all, this gives Sublinox (OX 22) a competitive advantage in comparison with existing drugs, where time to sleep is longer and more unpredictable" said Zsolt Lavotha, president and CEO of Orexo AB.
Too much light tells your brain that it is still daytime and not time to sleep.
We all have an internal body clock, or circadian rhythm, that is linked to the hormone melatonin, which helps tell our body when it is time to sleep and wake.
They have been given the license to be the UK distributors of a DVD from Australia called It's Time To Sleep.
Bathing and massaging a baby are popular and effective routines to wind things down for the day and send a soothing, predictable message to a baby that it's time to sleep.
Adenosine puts on the brakes: It signals that it's time to sleep," says Professor James Lane of Duke University.
It is not so long ago that Boxing Day was as quiet as Christmas itself - a time to sleep off the indulgence of the night before and spend time with the family.