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(3.) While beyond the scope of this endeavor, the reality of time-phased force deployments dictates that TE3s will be the de facto theater-enabling engagement engineer headquarters beyond Phase 0 in many contingency response cases.
* Build Combat Support (CS) Time-Phased Force Deployment Data (TPFDD).
Planners use JOPES to develop time-phased force deployment data that provide combatant commanders with critical movement information for deploying and allocated forces.
They also provided copies of the time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD) for Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
The OIF request for forces and time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD) did not include a theater general support (GS) company to establish a class IX GS base.
USAREUR decided to keep the deployment categorized as an in-theater movement and ruled out the use of time-phased force deployment data and the Joint Operational Planning and Execution System for transportation deconfliction (after discovering that several headquarters had populated databases without cross-coordination).
By creating a DS multifunctional support company (shown on page 28) and listing it early on the time-phased force deployment list, a commander may solve the lack of support early in a deployment.
It has been suggested that the various deliberate planning and historical time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD), such as those from Noble Anvil, could be used in lieu of such generic lists.
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