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TVMFTennessee Valley Music Festival
TVMFTexas Veterinary Medical Foundation (Austin, TX)
TVMFThornton Veterans Memorial Foundation (est. 2005; Thornton, CO)
TVMFTime-Varying Magnetic Field
TVMFTactical Vehicle Maintenance Facility
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The second ferrite ring senses the electric field induced in the medium, developing its own time-varying magnetic field in response.
The technology creates precise time-varying magnetic fields through an on-board micro-processor and is ideal for repeat applications, extended usage and multi-formulation needs.
In this work, he proposed that just as time-varying magnetic fields can produce electric fields, the opposite is also true.
Rush Community Council accused EirGrid of misleading the planning board by stating the cable system's magnetic field would be static only (non-variable) and not time-varying magnetic fields (variable).
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