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Tinet[not an acronym] (formerly Tiscali International Network)
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Specifically, GBI can provide capacity to Tinet in countries and cities in which the GBI Cable System lands; meanwhile Tinet can provide Global IP Transit, Ethernet and VPLS connectivity services in all of its PoPs to GBI.
We are honoured to enter into this agreement with GBI," remarked Paolo Susnik, CEO of Tinet.
TINet reportedly offers IP Transit, MPLS lines and long distance Ethernet services to service providers in North America, Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe and has a network of almost 100 IP/MPLS PoPs.
With network presence and customers in EMEA, Americas and APAC, Tinet provides global IP Transit and Ethernet connectivity to Carriers, Service and Content Providers worldwide, within 7 working days.
According to Hibernia, it offers a secure, reliable cable connection to Europe and the US, which provides the flexibility to grow and support TINet and the increasing bandwidth demands of its customers.
Showcased this week at Light Reading's Ethernet Expo Americas 2010 conference in New York, the demonstration validates Carrier Ethernet services across different continents from a variety of service providers including Beeline, BICS, Equinix, Expereo International, Kazakh Telecom, TeraGate, Tinet, Ucomline and XO Communications.
LSE: SPT), a global leader in test & measurement, today announced it exclusively powered the testing of the Carrier Ethernet Global Interconnect demonstration conducted by EANTC and co-organized by ancotel to validate Carrier Ethernet service interoperability across eight European service providers including Belgacom ICS, Equinix, Expereo International, Level3 Communications, P&TLuxembourg, Teragate, Tinet, and Ucomline.
The Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange development program included as participants 24 of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, including AboveNet, BroadbandONE, Easynet Global Services, euNetworks, Exponential-e, Hibernia Atlantic, RCN Metro Optical Networks, Internet Solutions, KPN International, Level 3 Communications, PacketExchange, PCCW Global, Reliance Globalcom, SSE Telecoms, TeraGate AG, Tinet and Virgin Media Business, among others.
Service providers Abovenet, Level 3, Teragate, and Tinet participated, interconnecting their networks through Carrier Ethernet exchanges provided by Equinix.
amp; DUBLIN -- Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces it has been selected by Tinet, formerly the carrier arm of Tiscali Group and the only global carrier exclusively committed to the IP and Ethernet wholesale market, to deliver multiple 10 Gbps wavelengths of capacity to and from Toronto, New York, Dublin, London, Frankfurt and other major metro areas on Hibernia's private network.
Beyond this, Belgacom, Equinix, expereo, Teragate, tinet, and vega will be participating in a service interconnection demonstration.
The development program for the service, which also includes original participants AboveNet, Exponential-e, Hibernia Atlantic, Level 3 Communications, PCCW Global, Reliance Globalcom and Tinet, is entering its final stages as Equinix preps for the global rollout of the service.