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TOTHTop of the Hill (various organizations)
TOTHTop of the Hour (broadcasting)
TOTHTop of the Heap
TOTHTip Of The Hat
TOTHTerminologie et Ontologie: Théories et Applications (French: Terminology and Ontology: Theory and Applications; professional conference)
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Pocketing his bank-book, he gave her a sharp nod, a colorless "how-de-do, Miss Rose," and a tip of the hat that might have been a little less stiff had he been more accustomed to greeting the ladies.
There's also a tip of the hat to Surprise Surprise with O'Grady in the Cilla (or for younger viewers, Holly Willoughby) role as he grants one of her wishes and arranges for her to star in a special Coronation Street scene.
This could be attributed to Neutrino's addition of Java-based code execution exploits including CVE-2013-2463, which is based on AWT/2D vulnerabilities and affects all Java 6 users (tip of the hat to F-Secure).
A tip of the hat to Williamsville, N.Y.-based Tops Markets LLC, which has teamed up with Independent Health for a incentive-based program that will reward the health plan's members for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables.
Producer Chuck Roven explained that there is a little embroidery that is a tip of the hat to the trunks.
Mixing ska, punk, rock and more, there is a definite tip of the hat to the UK punk and ska bands that came before.
Plus a tip of the hat to the trade associations Agri Marketing is proud to be affilitated with including: American Business Media's Agri-Council, Ag Relations Council, American Agricultural Editors' Assn., Canadian Agri-Marketing Assn (CAMA), Nat'l Agri-Marketing Assn (NAMA), Livestock Publications Council and the Nat'l Assoc of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB).
Also in need of a tip of the hat is the design and an excellent battle system that makes it thoroughly enjoyable to take on a host of other-wordly creatures that want to wear your head as a hat.
As this is really about wearing the historic uniforms for two games, and the fact that the Astros are moving to the American League next season, it would be a nice tip of the hat to history if the original design with the pistol was approved.
“We hope by this tip of the hat that we are bringing additional growth and acceptance of security-as-a-service delivered from the cloud.”
The narrative offers a tip of the hat to the Marine Corps, acknowledging that institution's decision to champion this emerging technology, as well as the parts played by the Navy and Coast Guard, but the strength of this book resides in its examination of the helicopter's influence on combat over land.
Thank you for the lovely tip of the hat to Borders in the July/August issue.