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The final category on the website is called Video Tip of the Day. This section has a video posted each day about various parts and steps in growing plants and tomatoes.
While the leaders of St John gather in Cardiff this week for their annual grand council meeting here is their first aid tip of the day. EYE INJURIESn Advise the patient not to rub their eye.n Do not touch anything that is embedded in the eyeball.n Gently separate the eyelids.n If you can see a foreign body on the white of the eye, wash it out with clean water or lift it with a moist swab.n For serious injuries cover the eye with dressing and get medical help.
TIP OF THE DAY: If you need information about how to learn Welsh, and the courses available, visit the Learners Pavilion on the Maes.
Here's a byte-sized suggestion to help overcome technology concerns and fears: Each day dedicate some time to better understand the programs you use regularly For example, many of the word processing, presentation, database and Internet access programs come equipped with "Tip of the Day" reminders.
Small business owners and HR consultants will want to visit the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) home page to get its HR tip of the day as well as the latest industry news.
Jockey Gary Hind was the hottest tip of the day at sweltering Redcar.
* The Produce Tip of the Day, a daily fresh fruit and vegetable television program videotaped at Greengrocer Johnny Lerro's M&C Produce in Philadelphia and seen in more than 45 million households throughout the United States, has joined with the Produce for Better Health Foundation to spread the 5 A Day message and also to raise funds.
By scurrying after the tip of the day, says Los Angeles Times investigator Frantz, "we give short shrift to the really enterprising stuff."
Swollen River Dee at Holt WEATHER @cmjones92: Tip of the day: Wales in November, no matter what the weather looks like out of the window, do not leave home without a brolly and wellies!
Sign up to receive Friends of the Earth's tip of the day, Monday to Friday, by email.
You can get a tip of the day delivered to you by the Office Assistant.
Tip of the day is try pounds 14 first - but keep an extra pounds 2.50 handy just in case.