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He had told her to moisten the lips with the tip of the tongue and assume a pleasant smile, with the result that she seemed to glare.
The Greys, who, in passing down the side of the hill and on to the tip of the tongue, had formed into a column, on reaching the spot where it broadened out again, reassumed their triple-line formation, and halted dead.
Then we--that is, the Buffaloes--moved down the tip of the tongue and took our stand in reserve, about one hundred yards behind the last line of the Greys, and on slightly higher ground.
The patient presented at a private dental clinic at Hyderabad, Sindh, (Pakistan) with a tiny nodule at the tip of the tongue.
Lodge the tip of the tongue behind the bottom teeth, roll the rest of the tongue out of the mouth, and bite down to hold tongue in place.
Liquid adheres to the tip of the tongue and rises in a column as the tip retracts.
A frenectomy is indicated when tension is seen in the frenum as the patient attempts to touch the incisive papilla with the tip of the tongue while the mouth is partially open.
The result: an elegant presentation with explosive taste, from the tip of the tongue to the back of the mouth.
They matter to this scholar as they did to novelists like Joyce or Vladimir Nabokov, another Steinberg favorite: "the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth" (Nabokov on the name Lolita); "aits of original pigment afloat in flat washes" (Steinberg on the microscopic fragments of Leonardo's paint matter, now suspended within layers of conservators' potions--"aits" is deep English for tiny islands).
Sweet is best tasted at the tip of the tongue, sour along the side, and bitter at the back.
Recognizing and naming faces: Aging, memory retrieval an the tip of the tongue state.
Miller says, "compensatory methods sometimes work, such as using the blade instead of the tip of the tongue to make a certain sound.