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The Greys, who, in passing down the side of the hill and on to the tip of the tongue, had formed into a column, on reaching the spot where it broadened out again, reassumed their triple-line formation, and halted dead.
Then we--that is, the Buffaloes--moved down the tip of the tongue and took our stand in reserve, about one hundred yards behind the last line of the Greys, and on slightly higher ground.
He had told her to moisten the lips with the tip of the tongue and assume a pleasant smile, with the result that she seemed to glare.
The tip of the tongue should be capable of protruding outside the mouth without clefting,
In addition, the TUS allows to capture the contour of the tongue in a dynamic way and real time, allowing the study of the movement of dorsum to the tip of the tongue during the production of lingual consonants and vowels, being an allied tool in the diagnostic process of speech disorders, as well as in the therapeutic process (use of biofeedback in the therapeutic context).
After reading about the company and listing their thoughts about it, participants were asked to describe a situation in which they had a tip of the tongue experience as part of an unrelated study.
The patient presented at a private dental clinic at Hyderabad, Sindh, (Pakistan) with a tiny nodule at the tip of the tongue. Fine needle aspiration was carried out followed by excision biopsy and marker studies which confirmed the diagnosis.
Lodge the tip of the tongue behind the bottom teeth while protruding the rest of the tongue as far out of the mouth as possible.
Liquid adheres to the tip of the tongue and rises in a column as the tip retracts.
Initially the frenum is attached close to the tip of the tongue. As the tongue continues to develop, frenulum cells undergo apoptosis, retracting away from the tip of the tongue, and increasing the tongue's mobility.
It is tasted mainly on the tip of the tongue. The acidity of a coffee may be assessed as lively, moderate, flat or dull.