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TIRATraumatic Incident Reduction Association
TIRAThe International Relocation Associates (Switzerland)
TIRATraditional Individual Retirement Account (finance)
TIRATruth in Regulating Act of 2000
TIRAThe International Ribes Association (Hudson, NY)
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A Tabela 2 resume os passos adotados na simulacao por elementos finitos para reproduzir as condicoes industriais do primeiro passe de laminacao a frio da tira de aco C-Mn.
When I asked him several years ago about what Tira's residents thought of their portrayalalbeit fictionalin his first novel, Kashua told me: "All of Tira read Dancing Arabs, and all that they thought of it was that [the main character] lived with his wife before marriage.
El Memorial de Colhuacan se interrumpe en el ano 2 Acatl (1299), y la Tira de la peregrinacion, a su vez, en el ano 6 Acatl, al que anticipadamente podemos asignar la correspondencia con 1303.
En total se analizaron 30 estudios que evaluaron la prueba de aglutinacion directa y 13, la tira reactiva rK39.
As Tira concludes in her article, "May the dispersion of the Filipino nation result [in] the gathering of many" (p.
Once Tira was here, I continued to take the domperidone for six months.
Airborne Entertainment, a publisher of entertainment content for mobile phones has purchased the rights to all games, applications, brands and distribution contracts formerly held by the publishing division of Tira Wireless, a provider of enabling technology for the mobile content marketplace.
Together with Salima Bashara, Tira's Advisor to the Mayor on the Status of Women, IWN reached out to 17 women to enroll in this course of empowerment and awareness in the hope that they will constitute an energetic and active women's body in Tira.
Wireless Java applications publisher Tira Wireless and online digital imaging solutions supplier Photogra have come together to launch a photo sharing application in the US.
LITTLE ANGELS Lead angel Tira Pace, five, left, and Three Kings Callum Hall, five, Mohammed Rahman, six, and Rhianne Saville, six, right.
After some of its business pillars were shaken by the economic crisis, Tigaraksa (Tira) Group tried to recover through the retail business.
BUENOS AIRES Forget the telenovela; the genre that's hot in Argentine is the tira, and for several years Clarin-owned broadcaster Artear -- also known as Canal 13 -- has had the best of them.