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TATTTired All The Time
TATTTelecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (Ministry of Public Administration)
TATTTruth About Trade and Technology (farmers' advocacy group; Des Moines, IA)
TATTTristan and the Troubadours (band)
TATTTransfer and Trading in Technology
TATTTechnical & Aircrew Training Technologies
References in classic literature ?
I don't want to be so tired all the time I can't love my wife.
Urwin had been told the day before the accident not to drive because a sleep disorder left him tired all the time.
We only meet once or twice a week and he's tired all the time.
The cancer has made me very tired all the time and I just don't feel like going out and walking as much as we used to.
I am generally restless and as a consequence, pretty much tired all the time.
I'm so tired all the time and we are so short of money that my husband wants me to find a part-time job.
Q MY son has just started school and is tired all the time.
Symptoms of type two diabetes include excessive thirst, passing a lot of urine and feeling tired all the time.
I was on my feet all day and I was really very tired all the time.
They are very common and can make you look tired all the time.
YOU don't say what his reasons are for being tired all the time - if he has an exhausting job, for example, then there's an obvious reason for it and you need to try to think of practical ways to resolve it.
Q: I''m tired all the time and think I might be anaemic.