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References in classic literature ?
When she tired of walking they were forced to carry her upon an improvised litter, nor did one dare to question her authority or her right to such services.
It had been placed there since my last visit, and I entered, that same day, on a regular occupation of pushing Miss Havisham in this chair (when she was tired of walking with her hand upon my shoulder) round her own room, and across the landing, and round the other room.
By that time she was tired of walking, and sat by the fire with her dress tucked up as usual.
I'm tired of walking down the street dodging swirling plastic bags and takeaway wrappers.
When you're tired of walking its busy shopping streets, go to the Waterfront to relax as you nibble on local delicacies.
I'm tired of walking down the high street dodging swirling plastic bags and takeaway wrappers.
Legend has it this tradition started when the fishmongers got tired of walking out to the market's fish table to retrieve a salmon each time someone ordered one.
People in general are tired of walking on eggshells because everyone's so worried about being 'sensitive' and this way, you can sit there and live vicariously through a guy who's totally insensitive.
He didn't know much about vacuum cleaners, but it was cold out and he was tired of walking.
Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand, Qatar, EOS and Flybe are just some of the others you'll spot on your travels around Earls Court 2, and when you get tired of walking around make sure you visit British Airways on stand 407 where you can put your feet up trying out the new Club World seats.