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TIRIThe Information Research Institute (Manchester Metropolitan University; UK)
TIRITransamerica International Reinsurance Ireland (Aegon Company)
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Varoyi vave kuroya saizvozvo unoonda, unoshanduka ganda maDoctor oti tiri kushaya chirwere asi apa panenge pane mishonga inenge ichitokanganisa doctor iyeye kuti asakuonere.
(2008) Saa Waxay Tiri: Maansadii iyo Waayihii Xaawa Jibriil: And Then She Said: The Poetry and Times of Hawa Jibril.
Tiri, Patterns of Innovation in the Flemish Business Sector: A Multivariate Analysis of CIS-3 Firm Level Data, IWT-Observatory, 2004.
But in 1966, New Zealand pirates consisted of a group of lads, all in their twenties, trying to launch the good ship Tiri into the waters of the Hauraki Gulf.
Caption: 5a A sudreh For a Zoroastrian male, illustrating its nine seams with the straight tiri on the right-hand side.
/ Dici che sia una bambina vera?' When the boy goes to get the doll and brings it back to his sister so that they may together check, she states: 'Guardala, Fulvio, a me par proprio viva, / se tiri quello spago parla, e, aspetta, / se la bacio e la lodo si ravviva.' The illusion of the doll being alive increases the more the girl looks at her toy, which, in the child's perception, seamlessly morphs from a mechanical automaton that speaks when a string is pulled, into a feeling being that cheers up when kissed and praised, is saddened by a reproach, is capable of kissing back, and can be caught laughing: 'Si, si!
The concert started with a choir rendition of Fairuz's Hela Ya Wase' and then audience were treated to classics like Enta Omri, Nassam Alayna el-Hawa and Tiri Ya Tiy Tiri.
The wave dynamic dual rail logic (WDDL) technique, developed by Tiri and Verbauwhede [9], is the most popular DPL countermeasure.