TISKTürkiye Isveren Sendikalari Konfederasyonu'nun (Turkish Confederation of Employers' Unions)
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The incident took place at TISK English Medium School on Sunday.
In a written statement released Monday, the TISK said that production in Turkey went up 14.7 percent in the first quarter of 2011 while employment went up 6.8 percent when compared to the same period last year.
For example, Howard, Horne, and Jolliff (2001) selected the Teacher Inventory of Skills and Knowledge (TISK) used in the "Bullybusting: A psychoeducational program for helping bullies and their victims" program to evaluate teachers' knowledge and use of bullying intervention techniques.
Both controls and participants completed three assessments at the beginning and end of the study: the Teacher Inventory of Skills and Knowledge (TISK; Newman, Home, & Bartolomucci, 2000), the Teacher Efficacy and Attribution Measure (TEAM; Socherman, Horne, & Dagley, 1998), and the Teacher Efficacy Scale (TES) (Gibson & Dembo, 1984; Woolfolk & Hoy, 1990).
(2008), "AB'de Guvenceli Esneklik ve Turkiye'deki Yasal Duzenlemeler" (Flexecurity in the EU and the Turkish Legislation), TISK Ateademi, No.
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Bu konuda ayrintili bir calisma olarak, Turkiye Isveren Sendikalari Konfederasyonu (TISK) yayinlarindan "Turkiye'nin Bilgi Ekonomisi Yarisindaki Yeri" adli calismada META grubunca olusturulan Kuresel Teknoloji Endeksi (Global Technology Index) baslangictaki aciklamalarimiza paralel ozelliklere sahip olmasi nedeniyle bize yol gosterici niteliktedir.
Tugrul Kudatgobilik, member of the EU-Turkey JCC; President of TISK (Confederation of Turkish Employers' Associations)
Cagdas Sanayi Merkezlerinde Kadin Isgucunun Konumu: Bursa Ornegi, Ankara: TISK.
In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment program, four instruments were selected in an effort to address the research study's questions: Teacher Inventory of Skills and Knowledge (TISK), Teacher Efficacy Scale (TES), Teacher Efficacy and Attribution Measure (TEAM), and Osiris School Administration System Activity Tracker (OAS).