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TITANTrust Information and Transaction Accounting Network
TITANThunderstorm Identification, Tracking, Analysis, and Nowcasting (software)
TITANThe IT Angels (UK)
TITANTrust Information & Transaction Accounting Network
TITANTactical Internet Test and Analysis
TITANTool for Introduction Scenarios and Techno-Economic Evaluation of the Access Network
TITANTelabs Interactive Transport Adaptive Network
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The Huygen mission team is finding that Titan in part resembles Earth yet is also strikingly alien.
The last time we flew by Titan was with the Voyager mission in 1980, and we took a few measurements.
The Titan is the kind of truck that that character might have come up with.
Having a potential value of $22,914,557, the first five-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (ID/IQ) contract calls for Titan to provide for engineering, operation, and maintenance services for the Technology Center for Cable and Connectors (TC3) facility in Newport.
At times, they might be required to meet with people who the Titan has no time--or desire--to see.
I was stunned at how Earthlike Titan ended up looking," says Huygens researcher Larry Soderblom of the U.
Blue Titan, which launched recently at PC Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz.
Radar data from Cassini, taken during its first close flyby of Titan on Oct.
Under this contract, Titan will execute over 150 war games each year to support a training curricula and pre-deployment work-up training for the ships, submarines, squadrons and Marine units of the Fleet.