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TCAPTransaction Capabilities Application Part
TCAPTax Credit Assistance Program (federal housing grant program)
TCAPTransaction Capabilities Application Protocol
TCAPTennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program
TCAPThe California Arts Project
TCAPTitin-Cap (genetics)
TCAPTo Catch a Predator (TV show)
TCAPTrial Counsel Assistance Program (US DoD)
TCAPTexas CUC (Conference of Urban Counties) Aggregation Project, Inc.
TCAPThermal Cycling and Absorption Process
TCAPTrainer Corrective Action Program
TCAPThe Center for Advanced Performance Inc (Greer, SC)
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Kim et al., "Titin-cap (TCAP) polymorphisms associated with marbling score of beef," Meat Science, vol.
SREBF1-transcription factor that regulates gene expression levels of stearoyl-CoA desaturase (SCD) leading predominantly to monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) oleic acid C18:1n = 9 in intramuscular fat (IMF); TCAP-titin-cap or Telethonin, interacts with titin-cap structure and regulates, by inhibition, myostatin hormone secretion; GH1-growth hormone; UTS2R-urotensin 2 receptor; FASN-fatty acid synthetase.