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TLNTelelatino (Canada)
TLNThe Library Network (various locations)
TLNTeaching and Learning Network (various locations)
TLNTherapeutic Landscapes Network (Beacon, NY)
TLNTechnology Leadership Network (various organizations)
TLNTrunk Line Network
TLNThe Lakers Nation (basketball fan website)
TLNThinkfinity Literacy Network (now ProLiteracy Education Network and Wonderopolis)
TLNToo Late Now
TLNTransformer Location Number (utilities)
TLNTrunk Link Network
TLNTotal Logistics Network
TLNTitle plus Last Name
TLNTraitement des Langues Naturelles (French: Natural Language Processing; computer science)
TLNTelephone Line Number
TLNTraining Line Number (US Air Force Training Management System)
TLNThe Loneliest Number
TLNTaillieu Logistique Nord (French logistics company)
TLNTTWCS / LAM FCS / NFCS (Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System / Land Attack Missile Fire Control System / Naval Fire Control System)
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In the same way, the data showed that students referred to their family relations by various terms such as: 'sister', 'mother', 'wife' or just first name; or title plus last name, or first name plus last name or title plus full name.
The thankers (that is, students) used a range of names such as title plus full name, full name, title plus last name, first name, honorifics and kinship terms to address their thankees in the TAs.
It has been discovered that the forms of address commonly used by the Basotho are titles only, title plus last name, title plus first name, praise name and teknonymy.