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TIVTrade-In Value
TIVTornado Intercept Vehicle
TIVTrivalent Influenza Vaccine
TIVTotal Investment Value
TIVTotal Industry Volume
TIVThe Individual Voice (blog)
TIVTotal Insurable Value
TIVTechnicien en Inspection Visuelle (French: Visual Inspection Technician)
TIVThermal Insulation Value
TIVTransport Intercommunal Verdunois (French bus service)
TIVThreat Inter-Visibility
TIVTraffic Information Volume
TIVTôlerie Industrielle Varadaise (French industrial material distributor)
TIVTransaction Immobilière Villeurbannaise (French: Villeurbannaise Estate Transactions; Villeurbanne, France)
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The Tiv people are entitled to statutory rights over the lands of the Benue Trough where they have lawfully dwelt and earned a living from these past three (3) centuries and have been so recognized by law.
TIV also provides reefer plug-in points capable of feeding more than 220 reefer containers and guarantees areas where dangerous cargo and most IMO class containers can be stored.
The interpretation here is that the uniqueness of the Tiv world must be constantly kept in mind in order to grasp the bases for their daily interactive behavior, philosophy, psychology, and mind set.
One purpose of this publication, then, is to invite much further study of the Tiv text and its translation.
It comes in a prefilled microinjection syringe, which for those who require TIV and are needle averse, may be preferred.
To investigate whether use of TIV in Manitoba was associated with influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first wave of the pandemic, we conducted a population-based case-control study using data from Cadham Provincial Laboratory (CPL) and the Manitoba Immunization Monitoring System.
The main occupation of the Tiv is subsistence farming.
A new intradermally administered TIV preparation, Fluzone Intradermal, was licensed in May 2011.
Nigeria) examines the nature of relations between the Tiv of Benue State and their southern neighbors in the northern Cross River State, Nigeria, to determine whether it was acrimonious or harmonious and to investigate the changing patterns of those relationships over the course of a century.
Global Banking News-29 January 2010-Israeli bank consortium to provide credit to Tiv Ta'am(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Again, children vaccinated with TIV or LAIV had no protective response to the novel influenza A (H1N1).