TJHSSTThomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
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(139.) TJHSST, REGULATION 3355.9 (2007), vsba/fairfax/Board.nsf0/ 97ecc9782e4eaa9185256fd30058e5c9/$FILE/R3355.pdf [hereinafter Regulation 3355.9].
(141.) TJHSST ADMISSIONS OFFICE, CLASS OF 2012 ADMISSIONS SUGGESTIONS AND HELPFUL HINTS FOR SEMIFINALISTS 12 (2008), admissions/DOCS/SugN_hnt.pdf (document given to students who become semifinalists).
See id.; see also ADMISSIONS REPORT ONE, supra note 7, at 1 (noting that the problem, as phrased by the FCSB, did not explicitly mention race, but was focused on "the underrepresentation of different groups of students" within TJ's district); Press Release, Fairfax County Public Schools, Admissions Information for Minorities to be Offered at TJHSST (Sept.