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From these results, the following variables will be derived: the TKE dissipation rate [epsilon]; profiles of the fluxes of water vapor (latent heat) and of its variance <w' m'>, <w' p'>, <w' [m.sup.'2]>, and (w' [[rho]'.sup.2]>; the molecular destruction rates of humidity variances [[epsilon].sub.m] and [[epsilon].sub.p]; profiles of the temperature flux (sensible heat) and the flux of temperature variance <w' T'> and <w' [T.sup.'2]>; and the molecular destruction rate of temperature variance [[epsilon].sub.T].
In the rural areas, it shows that from 11 villages only 5 villages showed their AKE score exceeding normative AKE that is Aruk village with actual AKE score reaching adequacy 2765,5 with TKE 128,63%, village of Sajingan actual AKE score 2986,13 with TKE 138, 89%, Tapang Ngole village actual score 2389,86 with TKE 111,16%, Ngole village actual score AKE 2186.32 with TKE 101.64%, Desa Sawah actual AKE score 2468,26 with TKE 114.80.
The peak values of TKE and Reynolds shear stress decrease gradually with increasing of the porosity.
Caption: Figure 18: TKE in transverse planes of the heat exchanger tube inserted with the V-wavy surface at [alpha] = 30[degrees] and Re = 6000 for (a) V-Downstream and (b) V-Upstream.
Other parameterizations used here include the Thompson scheme [24] for microphysics, the rapid radiative transfer model scheme [25] for longwave radiation and Dudhia scheme [26] for shortwave radiation with 30 minutes between radiation physics calls, the Monin-Obukhov (Janjic) Eta similarity scheme [27] for surface-layer physics, the unified Noah land-surface model [28] for land-surface physics, the Mellor-Yamada-Nakanishi-Niino (MYNN) 2.5-level TKE scheme [29, 30] for boundary-layer physics, and the Kain-Fritsch scheme [31] for cumulus physics with 5 minutes between cumulus physics calls.
Theoretical profiles for the turbulent quantities such as eddy viscosity (as far as this concept is admitted) and the various terms of the turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) budget have also been provided [1, 8] and compared to the experimental data obtained by Bradbury [2], Heskestad [9], Gutmark and Wygnanski [10], Ramapriyan and Chandrasekhara [11], among others.
where k is the turbulence kinetic energy (TKE), [epsilon] is the dissipation rate of TKE, [[mu].sub.t] is the eddy viscosity, and [G.sub.k] is the production rate of TKE.
Not even the big guns, exciting foilers Frank Racing owned by New Zealander Simon Hull, Tke Boat works, an Extreme 4,0 owned by Tony Longhurst (Qld), nor Darren Drew's Top Cun (NSW) could make an impression.
Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TKE is a designer, distributor and manufacturer of decorative and functional hardware as well as decorative wood and other products for the kitchen and bath industry.