TKETau Kappa Epsilon
TKETerminology and Knowledge Engineering (conference)
TKETurbulent Kinetic Energy
TKEThyssenkrupp Elevator
TKETotal Kinetic Energy
TKETerminal Knee Extension (exercise)
TKETrack Angle Error
TKETrack to Track
TKEThe Kutting Edge, Inc. (nutritional supplements; Corinth, MS)
TKEThermal Knife Electronics
TKETrusted Key Element
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The different levels of flow velocity in the two phases generated different intensities of TKE and flow profiling.
The TKE per unit mass is widely regarded as the indicator of the eddy strength in the flow.
Since the aim of this study is the mixing of air and water, the TKE of the water is the variable of interest.
Giedo van der Garde was faster than Caterham teammate Charles Pic to tke 18th and 19th ahead of the Marussias of Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton.
Founded by noted entertainer and TKE frater Danny Thomas in 1962, St.
In addition to Perry Ellis, and Tory Burch, other prominent tenants in the property include Zappos, Max Mara, New Balance, Chaus, Asics, Michael Stars, TKE, Point A Showroom, Swatfame/Speechless, DC Shoes, Hybrid Apparel, Carmen Marc Vaivo, Onward Kashiyama, Heart Soul, Maggy London, Topson Downs, Un Deux Trois and YMI Jeanswear.
Since these results are also directed towards the aviation community, we have not only presented the velocity vectors and TKE ([square root of K]) contours on horizontal and vertical planes but also on a conical section with a cone angle of 3.
The current owner is motivated to do a deal with someone who can tke advantage of the tools already in place Recently remodeled and ready for a GREAT season.
Establish the patient's needs from tke outset and try to limit frame and lens choices; avoid digressing to options that are clearly of no interest to the patient
The 70th EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting was expected to tke place in Turkey in December.
A TABLE top sle will tke plce tomorrow from 10m to noon t the Llnedeyrn Dy Centre.