TKYTeknillisen Korkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunta (Finnish: Helsinki Univeristy of Technology Student Union)
TKYTurun Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunta (Finnish: Turku School of Economics Student Union; Turku, Finland)
TKYTokyo International Airport, Haneda (Airport Code)
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The buyer, TKY, is part of the Takitai Group, based in Niigata, Japan, which is active in a number of sectors including textiles and real estate.
Soma Holding took over the mine, which contains 18 million tons of coal reserves, from the TKy in 2005 in line with the "rE[micro]dE[micro]vans" system.
Estimate for replacement of 11kv conductor by AB Cable at takiya para near shri sundaram from pole no tky /08/63 to chuna bhatti x-mer Durg under Durg (T)zone under City Dn Durg.
The Court of Accounts report also stressed that the Aegean Lignite Enterprises, which is subordinate to the TKy, states in its contracts that it will buy all the coal produced by mining firms and therefore faces difficulties selling all the coal when demand falls.
Although it is run by a private company, the responsibility for inspections of the mine field lies with the TKy General Directorate.
When Muzaffer YurttaE-, a Manisa deputy from the ruling AK Party, said at the same April 29 session that the ruling party had no relations with Uyar Mining -- which had closed down the mine where the accident took place in October -- Euzel, taking the floor for a second time, responded: "Every time Uyar Mining underwent inspection, [officials of the company] went to take up the issue with the general manager of the TKy (Turkish Coal Enterprises) accompanied by Manisa deputies [of the ruling party].
CEO GE-rkan maintained in the interview that the company had won a tender opened by the TKy in Zonguldak, adding that the total value of the company's mines was $12 billion.