TLAMThink Like a Man (film)
TLAMTheta Love and Mine (Kappa Alpha Theta)
TLAMTomahawk Land-Attack Missile (US DoD)
TLAMThat'll Leave a Mark
TLAMTactical Land Attack Missile
TLAMTwin Lakes Academy Middle (Jacksonville, FL school)
TLAMTheater Land Attack Missile
TLAMTau Love and All Mine (Greek fraternity)
TLAMTribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums (Native American Communities)
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Tlam is used in applications where the components in the circuit produce a lot of heat, such as high powered LEDs, power supplies or motor drives.
During the early morning of 19 March, Operation Odyssey Dawn began when TLAMs from coalition naval forces were launched against a variety of targets in Libya.
Por su ubicación estratégica, el TLAM incluye al tejido linfoide asociado a intestino, el tejido linfoide nasal-faríngeo, el tejido linfoide bronquial y los tejidos linfoides salival y genitourinario.
After TLAM initial wave (TOT 1800-1810Z) Owl 08 and 01 were on station from TOT 1815-1845Z jamming in support of not only the 13 stealth and 6 conventional aircraft (OBS) which penetrated the heart of the Baghdad Super MEZ, but also protecting over 30 aircraft employing stand-off weapons, ARM and direct munitions in vicinity of Baghdad and Al Taqaddam.
The deployment of the arsenal ship; namely, a naval platform designed to carry a significant number of missiles that can be used not only for deep strikes (with the TLAM, block IV) but also in support of troops and in battlefield interdiction (using missile systems such as the Army tactical missile system [ATACMS]), and to provide the killing mechanisms for air and missile defense umbrellas for operations on shore.
Finally, some DoD and manufacturers' postwar claims about weapon-system performance, particularly for the F-117, TLAM and laser-guided bombs, were determined to be overstated, misleading, inconsistent with the best available data or unverifiable.
weapons" such as a TLAM fired from a destroyer is that the firing
The Dutch Navy has expressed a desire to purchase BGM-109 Tlam (Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles) to support Netherlands Marine Corps operations on land.
These acronyms should become as familiar to naval officers as CO, DCC, MER, AMR, CVBG, TLAM, CIC, CDO, UNREP and OOD.
Guided Munitions (68%) 19,948 BGM-109 TLAM 802 AGM-114 Hellfire 562 AGM-130 4 AGM-154 JSOW 253 AGM-65 Maverick 918 AGM-84 SLAM-ER 3 AGM-86C/D CALCM 153 AGM-88 HARM 408 CBU-103 WCMD 818 CBU-105 WCMD, SFW 88 CBU-107 WCMD 2 EGBU-27 GPS/LGB 98 GBU-10 LGB 236 GBU-12 LGB 7,114 GBU-16 LGB 1,233 GBU-24 LGB 23 GBU-27 LGB 11 GBU-28 LGB 1 GBU-31 JDAM 5,086 GBU-32 JDAM 768 GBU-35 JDAM 675 GBU-37 JDAM 13 UK Guided 679 Unguided Munitions (32%) 9,251 M117 1,625 Mk-82 5,504 Mk-83 1,692 Mk-84 6 CBU-87 118 CBU-99 182 UK Unguided 124
Of the seven moving parts of the operation--intelligence preparation of the battle area, target location, strike command and control, weather, TLAM launch, navigation and battle damage assessment--only one, the actual launching of the TLAM itself, does not depend directly on space assets.