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TBBHTo Be Brutally Honest
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"We need to be brutally honest with each other but we have got the coaches who will do that.
We're not looking any further than that, to be brutally honest. We would be very foolish to do so.
To be brutally honest, if elected councillors disappeared tomorrow we would barely notice.
He was sarcastic and funny and smart and oddly childlike, and could be counted on to be brutally honest concerning matters of the greatest importance.
To be brutally honest, maybe part of queer's allure was the fact that it outraged the older generation.
James had hoped to be pushing towards a return by now, but Sutton said: "To be brutally honest, Becky has had a few setbacks over the last week or so.
He admitted: "To be brutally honest I am a bit embarrased sitting here having a conversation about how well we've done finishing second.
'I have to be brutally honest and say that a number of the lads are not up to it at this level and we need new blood and quickly,' Hughes said.
That said, while it's terrific to have such a supportive boyfriend, you've also got to be brutally honest with yourself.