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TSTOTo State the Obvious
TSTOToimisto (Finland)
TSTOTwo Stage to Orbit
TSTOTwo-Stage-To-Orbit (vehicle)
TSTOTotal Safety Task Observation (various organizations)
TSTOThe Stereo Trading Outlet (Jenkintown, PA)
TSTOThe Stereotype Take Over (band)
TSTOToo Stupid To Operate
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"I was trying to state the obvious but the comments have been portrayed in the wrong way," said Gill.
To state the obvious, employers must not base personnel decisions even in part on unlawful factors such as age, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, gender or sexual preference.
Wayne is quoted in this same article as calling the gay lifestyle "unfortunate" and "not natural." Since when is it "extreme" to state the obvious? Oh, I forgot, one must not criticize this protected behaviour.
People move around buildings, to state the obvious; but buildings also move around people--sometimes very noticeably, as the organizers of Milch were recently reminded.
To state the obvious once again, Madam Albright, Israel is committing atrocities against the Palestinians with total impunity, and yet you maintain "Israel is besieged."
To say what's wrong with these attitudes is to state the obvious, but it has to be done.
To state the obvious: Water is a necessity of life and the ability to tax it without restraint and send the bill to owners gives the city the power to destroy the private rental housing industry here.
"So many scientific surveys seem to prove nothing except that scientists are handed too much public money to state the obvious" - Commentator Julie Burchill.
Isn't this what chief constables and every other member of the police force are paid to do anyway?Why does it need a photo-opportunity and yet another new initiative to state the obvious?
For me, the only thing that mars (sorry) this programme has a tendency to state the obvious - I know the Earth revolves around the Sun.
I have lost count of the number of times the BBC team has been unable to state the obvious and failed to mention the leading contenders until the horses are about to cross the line.