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References in classic literature ?
For we must be a credit to the Queen as well as the good greenwood.
She courtesied low to the Queen and awaited permission to speak.
But Mazarin, notwithstanding this permission, instead of reading the letters, took the knife which the dying Buckingham had snatched out of the wound and sent by Laporte to the queen.
The Fairy replied that, much as she desired to be agreeable to the Queen in every way, it was impossible for her to attempt anything against the young Prince, who was under the protection of some greater Power than her own.
He determined to go and see them, and to find out the truth for himself; so one night, without saying anything to the Queen or his ministers, he set out for the palace where the two ladies lived, attended only by a small band of followers.
I then said to the queen, "since I was now her majesty's most humble creature and vassal, I must beg the favour, that Glumdalclitch, who had always tended me with so much care and kindness, and understood to do it so well, might be admitted into her service, and continue to be my nurse and instructor.
According to Lady Penn, former lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother and the monarch's friend, Her Majesty's mom helped her grow from a shy girl into a calm, confident and poised royal.
Morning antics start with the opening of the town gates and end with the farewell to the queen at the end of the day.
The Sadler's Wells Ballet produced Ashton's lovely and now sadly lost divertissement, Homage to the Queen (led by Margot Fonteyn, Nadia Nerina, Violetta Elvin, and Beryl Grey), while New York City Ballet produced its own coronation tribute, Jerome Robbins's Fanfare, to Benjamin Britten's The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.
THE Queen Mother has left her entire estate - mainly works of art and other contents of her houses - to the Queen, Buckingham Palace announced yesterday.
The 60-year-old handed flowers to the Queen, following the service at St Mary's Church, and asked about the Queen Mum.
The final part (Sanctuary) follows her direction of the Calvinist cause from the death of her husband's brother, Louis de Conde, in March 1569, through the uneasy peace of Saint-Germain seventeen months later, to her own death after negotiating with Catherine de Medicis the marriage of her son to the queen mother's daughter, "la Reine Margot," a few weeks before the massacre of St.