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ToCoTour Confirmation (physical security)
ToCoTask Order Contracting Officer
ToCoTechnical Order Conversion Office
ToCoTechnical Order Conversion Operations
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Toco Hills Promenade is a 145,000 square foot shopping center located in Atlanta.
The corresponding segments in the EHG signal were classified as artifacted or non-artifacted signals by two experts (1 bioengineer and 1 clinician) with the help of the simultaneous TOCO and IUP recordings and the previously annotated events.
Com os achados macroscopicos, juntamente com os resultados dos exames microscopicos, conclui-se que o processo principal encontrado no tucano toco foi um quadro caracteristico de gota urica visceral.
Apos o corte, os tocos de algumas especies brotam e as brotacoes nao eliminadas competirao com as arvores remanescentes.
Health kick: Red, amber, green to go for Dudley Zoo's toco toucan Oz when he takes his iron tablets.
However, I have to confess: the hike up Toco was eased by the fact we were driven to 5,000 metres before we began hiking.
Ras al Hamra Golf Club recently hosted the TOCO Trophy for the 37th time, making it the longest sponsored golf tournament at the club.
Gabriel siempre fue una persona afable, asequible y dispuesta a colaborar en cualquier empresa que favoreciera al Instituto de Investigaciones Clinicas, y un paladin de su defensa, en los momentos dificiles que le toco vivir a esta dependencia.
To test the cooling properties of bills, the researchers focused on the toucans with the largest bill, the toco toucan (Bamphastos toco).
The chairman of Trinidad's main natural gas company, Atlantic LNG, managed to escape from a group of kidnappers who snatched him from his beach house in Toco, reports Reuters (Sept.