TOBORTangerine, Orange, Banana, Orange, Regulator
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Ariids are medium to larger-sized demersal catfishes, mostly inhabiting estuarine and marine environments in tropical and sub-tropical regions (Acero and Betancur 2007), and are an important component of many tropical fisheries (Darracott 1977, Tobor 1978, vasudevappa and James 1980, Conand et al.
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Rachael Tobor, director of community affairs at Enron, said officials from the cultural and civic groups began calling immediately after the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.
Tobor the Great put a telepathic robot on the observatory grounds in 1954, and decades later Love Stinks (1999) made the front lawn a couple's after-hours dance floor.
"Robot" spelled backwards is Tobor, which, when the final silent e is added, aptly describes what seeing the millionth robot in your umpteenth plant tour does to you.
Along with the British bookmaker Michael Tobor the tycoon is the leading owner in Irish racing.
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A well-paced programme included the short Vecchia zimarra, senti from Puccini's La boheme before the show-stopping Rachmaninov's Ves' tobor spit from Aleko.