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TRToken Ring (network)
TRTechnical Report
TRTable Row
TRTrip Report
TRTotal Return (investing)
TRTurkish Republic
TRTomb Raider (computer game)
TRTrust (IRB)
TRTechnology Review (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
TRTrace (mathematics)
TRTheodore Roosevelt
TRTax Return
TRTest Report
TRTherapeutic Recreation
TRTerni (Italy)
TRTotal Revenue
TRTuesday and Thursday
TRTriton (Korg)
TRTorre ( Portuguese: tower; postal usage)
TRTeddy Roosevelt (twenty-sixth president of the United States)
TRTruro (UK postal code)
TRTeam Rocket
TRTrill (Music)
TRTape Recorder
TRTabula Rasa (game)
TRTechnical Reference
TRTechnical Review
TRTest Review
TRThe Rasmus (Finnish band)
TRTexas Rangers (baseball team)
TRToronto Raptors
TRTrent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)
TRThird Reich
TRTimes Roman (font)
TRThe Ramones (band)
TRTechnical Regulation (various organizations)
TRTyrannosaurus Rex
TRThe Rejected (movie)
TRThe Regulators
TRTyphoon Rising (gaming)
TRTrue Range
TRRetention Time (chromatography)
TRTodd Rundgren (musician)
TRTim Reynolds
TRTransmitter/Receiver (also seen as T/R)
TRTriple R (various organizations)
TRTextus Receptus (bible translation)
TRTricuspid Regurgitation
TRTom Riddle (Harry Potter series)
TRTail Rotor
TRTobacco Road
TRThe Raconteurs (band)
TRTotal Rebounds (basketball statistic)
TRThreaded Rod
TRText Reader (software)
TRTraining Reserve
TRTarget Recognition
TRThe Resurrected (gaming clan)
TRTransfer Request
TRTactical Reconnaissance (Army)
TRTire Rotation
TRTask Register
TRTerminal Ready
TRTraining Routine (Scientology)
TRThreat Reduction (LANL Directorate)
TRT Cell Receptors
TRTechnical Representative
TRTraining Report
TRTrouble Report
TRTemperature Recorder
TRTome Raider (computer reader program)
TRTraining Request
TRTechnical Requirement
TRTip and Ring
TRTimer Relay
TRThreshold Requirement
TRTilt Rotor
TRtax ruling
TRThrust Reverser
TRTelecommunications Room
TRTravel Request
TRTank Regiment
TRTransformer Rectifier
TRTransaction Record
TRTraffic Routing
TRTemporal Reference
TRTransportation Request
TRTRADOC Regulation
TRTime to Repeat (magnetic resonance imaging)
TRTension Reel
TRTail Race
TRTopical Report
TRThrows Right (baseball)
TRTerminate Request
TRTerran Republic (Planetside game empire)
TRTub Ring (band)
TRThreat Response
TRTons of Refrigeration
TRTalyllyn Railway (Wales)
TRTubular Reactor
TRTest Rule (testing methodology)
TRTransaction Register
TRText Relay
TRTermination Request
TRTorque Ratio
TRTrinity Rack (Korg)
TRTraditional Reservist
TRTurbo Regal (Buick model)
TRTime of Repetition (Magnetic resonance imaging parameter)
TRTransportes Rojas
TRTrack Radar
TRTotal Residue
TRTheoretical Resolution
TRTitulaire Remplaçant (French: Replacement Holder; education)
TRTime Restraint
TRTechnische Recherche (Dutch: Scene of Crime Department)
TRTerritory Representative
TRTurndown Ratio (fluid engineering)
TRTargeting Radar
TRTransformer Room
TRToe Raises (strength-building exercise)
TRTreasury Receipt
TRTip Return
TRTransmit Ring
TRTopographical Representation
TRTakefu Renaissance (urban renewal movement; Japan)
TRTrunk Reservation
TRTransmit Ready
TRTransfer Robot
TRTritium Recovery
TRTrack Receive (TARTAR)
TRTubing Retrievable (oilfield term)
TRTorpedo Reconnaissance Aircraft (US Navy)
TRThunder Range (test site) (website)
TRTracking Router
TRToy Ranch
TRTheater Reserve
TRTelomeric RNA
TRTonnage of Refrigeration
TRTransportability Report
TRTheta Radiation (Star Trek)
TRTerminal-Pair Reliability
TRTurbine Rate
TRTelomerase RNA Candidate
TRTransition Redundancy
TRVFR Low Altitude Training Routes
TRThermometer of Resistance (measurements)
TRTrasportes Rojas (Guatemala, freight cargo industry)
TRTributary Receiver (SONET)
TRTrauma Reduction Inc.
TRTelephone Retrieval
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On the one hand there is the sumptuousness of their influences - Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Prefab Sprout and 10cc - on the other there's the sense of sadness and anger running through pointed contemporary commentaries such as Count It Up and Goodbye To The Country.
joke was I about Jimmy me sing, told me I was heavy as two both worked Steinman's songs, Todd Rundgren producing, and hawked the to numerous before it was released by International 1977.
They both worked on Steinman's songs, with Todd Rundgren producing, and famously hawked the record to numerous labels before it was finally released by Cleveland International in 1977.
Finally: Chuck Schuldiner as 'Father of Death Metal,' Shakira as 'Queen of the World Cup,' Frank Sinatra as 'The Chairman of the Board,' Barbra Streisand as 'Diva of the Divas,' Yma Sumac as 'Queen of Exotica,' Justin Timberlake as 'President of Pop,' Hikaru Utaka as 'Diva of Heisei Period,' Paul Weller as 'Modfather,' Marijohn W ilkin as 'The Den Mother of Music Row,' Faye Wong as 'Heavenly Queen' and Todd Rundgren as 'God
Drawing on interviews and his own experience of living there in the 1990s, he recreates the 1960s community of diverse musicians--Bob Dylan, members of The Band, Janis Joplin, Todd Rundgren, Jimi Hendrix, Karen Dalton, Van Morrison, and others--overseen by the powerful manager Albert Grossman.
But before you do, check out our quick chat as we covered topics from baby-sitting to Todd Rundgren.
Born to model-singer Bebe Buell, she is the biological daughter of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame, though her mother lived with musician Todd Rundgren at the time of her birth.
In the case of the current wave of psychedelic rock making its"comeback" with the likes ofTame Impala, Temples and closer to home,The Merrylees, there are many in the music press in particular keen to make this a"scene" The way I see it is that these bands have more than likely grown up with cool parents who have exposed them at an early age to the likes of latter period Beach Boys,The Beatles, Todd Rundgren or The Byrds.
Cooper looms large here, along with Don Felder of The Eagles, Peter Frampton (not actually American), Todd Rundgren and a wealth of fantastic clips.
Cooper, right, looms large, along with Don Felder of The Eagles, Peter Frampton (not actually American), Todd Rundgren and a wealth of clips showcasing the decade's diversity from The Doobie Brothers to The Ramones.
com)-- Following in the footsteps of Todd Rundgren, Bjork, and Mike Patton, gay rap pioneer Cocky da Homo MC has begun work on a ten track album consisting of manipulated vocal and nasal samples.
Check it out if you like: Experts at dreamy sonic confections, including Brian Wilson and Todd Rundgren (then), and Grizzly Bear and Morning Benders (now).