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1995: Police raided the Tokyo headquarters of the Aum Shinrikyo religious sect after Sarin nerve gas was released on five trains in the Tokyo underground system.
In 1995 members of Japanese religious cult Aum Shinrikyo spread Sarin in the Tokyo underground, letting the liquid leak out of some punctured packets.
"The Army has got the numbers and the expertise to deal with threats like the Tokyo underground attack or dirty bombs.
1995: Police raided the Tokyo HQ of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday sect after Sarin nerve gas was released on trains in the Tokyo underground.
Which cult was responsible for the nerve gas attack on the Tokyo underground system in March 1995?
The film opens on the Tokyo underground where beautiful 17-year-old Saya (Gianna Jun) sits patiently, concealing a terrible secret.
After slots in Japan opening for No Age, Lightning Bolt and Battles turned those bands into fans, Nisennenmondai have begun to crawl out of the Tokyo underground and will release the two-EP reissue Neji/Tori stateside this fall through Norwegian disco weirdos Smalltown Supersound.
He takes you on crazy adventures in the Tokyo underground and through the subconscious and never loses you.
According to the news agency AFP, some of Murakami's works are based on reportage of traumatic recent events in Japan, such as the Kobe earthquake and a poison gas attack on the Tokyo underground. His latest book entitled Kafka on the Shore is to be published this week in the Czech Republic.
It's going to be like the Tokyo underground in the rush hour but the cast of characters will be ecstatic rather than inscrutable.
Takamine's attention to intersections of lived experience and art is emblematic of an exhibition that kept both in view in a number of ways, from the social project work of Noboru Tsubaki's Radikal Carbon, 2004, for which he built kilns to produce the sustainable energy resource bamboo charcoal during his residency in New Plymouth (New Zealand's "energy capital," home to natural gas reserves), to a program of art and club culture crossover events, including cabaret rock stars Gorgerous and Tokyo underground VJ/DJs Numb and exonomo.
Now he seems to have about 420 horses, more staff than Microsoft and his gallops are a cross between the Tokyo underground in the rush hour and the Arkle bar just after the County Hurdle.
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