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TUSTokyo University of Science (Japan)
TUSThe Usual Suspects (gaming clan)
TUSTorrance Unified School (Torrance, CA)
TUSTobacco Use Supplement
TUSThe Usual Suspects
TUSTurn-und Sport (German: Gymnastic and Sport; fitness clubs; Germany)
TUSTucson, AZ, USA - Tucson International Airport (Airport Code)
TUSTransabdominal Ultrasound
TUSTrailing Umbilical System
TUSTraditional Use Study
TUSTipta Uzmanlik Sinavi (Turkish)
TUSTemperature Uniformity Survey (measurement of furnace temperature variation)
TUSTechnicien d'Usinage (French: Machining Technician)
TUSTactical Unmanned System (US DoD)
TUSTisfoon Ulterior Systems (Cary, NC)
TUSTransmission Unattended Site
TUSTechnology Update Seminar
TUSTotally Useless Software
TUSTypical Use Scenario
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For example, Tokyo University of Science is now not only hosting the program but also creating its own program for sending students abroad.
In a collaboration between academia and industry to promote research, joint research is being carried out by researchers across different specialty fields, such as natural language processing and computer algebra, from Nagoya University, Tokyo University of Science, the University of Tsukuba, and Rikkyo University.
Yuichi Negishi, Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Using reprogrammed iPS cells, scientists from the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Japan have, along with collaborators from Tokyo University of Science and other Japanese institutions, successfully grown complex skin tissue--complete with hair follicles and sebaceous glands--in the laboratory.
Researchers at Tokyo University of Science took cells from mouse gums and used chemicals to transform them into embryo-like cells, journal Science Advances reports.
To breed skin tissue, the team of researchers around Ryoji Takagi at the Tokyo University of Science used induced pluripotent stem cells, also known as iPS cells, from mice.
The research team, formed by Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and Keio University succeeded in transplanting rat livers in other rats after reviving the functions of the damaged livers while preserving them in the system, British journal Scientific reported.
Takashi Tsuji of the Tokyo University of Science in Noda, Japan, and colleagues extracted clusters of immature cells from mouse embryos anti grew nascent salivary glands in a gel like substance for three days.
TOKYO -- A research group headed by Professor Takashi Tsuji of Tokyo University of Science have successfully regenerated fully functional bioengineered salivary and lacrimal (tear) glands.
A research team at the Tokyo University of Science, led by Professor Takashi Tsuji, were able to successfully transplant bioengineered lacrimal glands into adult mice.
Researchers, at the Tokyo University of Science, said that their findings could potentially help in treating the "dry eye" or "dry mouth" syndromes, which are caused by the malfunctioning glands, News 24 reported.
One researcher with Tokyo University of Science concludes that scientists who worked in foreign countries tend to show more productivity, skill with the English language and publishing papers, and ability to collaborate in research exchanges.
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