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TBSMTivoli Business System Manager
TBSMTable Builder Services Message
TBSMTivoli Business Service Manager
TBSMtask-based specification methodology
TBSMTivoli Business Systems Manager
TBSMThe Batman/Superman Movie
TBSMTibet Autonomus Regional Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
TBSMTom Brown's School Museum (Oxfordshire, UK)
TBSMTechnological and Base Sciences for the Medicine (Euro Mediterranean Scientific and Biomedical Institute)
TBSMThe Bob Sakamano Movement
TBSMtotal body skeletal muscle
TBSMThe Bible Student Magazine (Bible Student Press)
TBSMThe Bike Shed Mortdale (Mortdale, NSW, Australia)
TBSMThe Box Social Madness (band)
TBSMTreasury and Balance Sheet Management
TBSMToronto-Buffalo-Syracuse Metropolitan corridor (US-Canada)
TBSMTheory-Based Software Metrics
TBSMtracheo-bronchial smooth muscle
TBSMtaux brut de scolarisation masculine
TBSMTotal Balance Sheet Management
TBSMtri-n-butylstannyl methacrylate
TBSMTime Based Service Manager (Mobiligent Solutions)
TBSMtime between scheduled maintenance