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TLMPTongass Land Management Plan (Alaska)
TLMPThrough-Life Management Plan
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(122) While the case raises many of the same claims as previous challenges to the Rule, (123) claims which have been rejected both by the Ninth and Tenth Circuits, it also includes claims specific to Alaska: it is alleged that the Roadless Rule violates the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act ("ANILCA") (124) and the Tongass Land Management Plan of 2008.
the laborious nature of writing the Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP).
Forest Service's latest Tongass land management plan.
Besides celebrating their 50th anniversary at their October meeting, AFA members also will be discussing the Forest Service's decision on implementing amendments to the Tongass Land Management Plan, which has undergone intense renegotiation in the decade and a half since it was implemented in 1991.
FOREST SERVICE, SUMMARY, REVISED SUPPLEMENT TO THE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT: TONGASS LAND MANAGEMENT PLAN REVISIONS 6-7 (1996) (outlining reductions in proposed timber harvests in the Tongass as a result of protests following the initial publication of the draft environmental impact statement).
The current Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP) shows that of the 9.9 million acres of forest land in the Tongass, about 5.6 million acres are considered productive.
It then becomes clear that under Section 810, Congress directed the Forest Service to determine that timber sales are "necessary" to achieve the objectives of a Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP) which considered equally all forest resources.
Forest Service attorneys have reviewed this section and they have concluded that they can still study Forest Service lands for set-asides if the study is part of their normal review of forest management plans as in the Tongass Land Management Plan completed a couple years ago and the Chugach Land Management Plan that is now in progress.
Nor does the revised statute apply to federal forestland that, in Southeast at least, is governed by the Tongass Land Management Plan.