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TFICThe Federation of Image Consultants (UK)
TFICTongue Firmly in Cheek
TFICTransportation for Illinois Coalition (Springfield, IL)
TFICTasmanian Fishing Industry Council (aka Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council; Australia)
TFICTennessee Farmers Insurance Companies (Columbia, TN)
TFICTimberline Forest Inventory Consultants (Canada)
TFICThai-French Innovation Centre (Bangkok, Thailand)
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So it was with tongue firmly in cheek, the backroom boys took the Mickey out of Disney's famous mouse with two cocktail sticks, two stuffed olives and one rodent.
"With tongue firmly in cheek her witty response was, 'Every cloud has a silver lining,' which made me laugh just when I needed to."
"We're looking to win a Brit Award next year," Kazeem added, tongue firmly in cheek.
Afterwards, with tongue firmly in cheek, he Tweeted: "Truly quality play.
RORY McIlroy has dismissed the idea that he fills Tiger Woods with fear, even though Woods, tongue firmly in cheek, has started calling him "The Intimidator".
"As part of his court-ordered punishment for alleged anti-Semitic remarks during a traffic stop, Mel Gibson recently paid a visit to Protzel's Deli," the paper writes, tongue firmly in cheek, in its best-of issue.
It's all done with tongue firmly in cheek and Bullard said: "I remember the original Wash & Go ad and thought it would be a laugh to remake a spoof version.
"Wouldn't you say these spiky heels are perfect for walking all over anyone who gets in the way of my ruthless ambition?" - Tongue firmly in cheek, newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky (pictured) plays up her sharp-elbowed image.
The letter from Gary Haley ("Labour's record is one to be proud of", Voice of the North, November 29) was surely written with tongue firmly in cheek.
He added with tongue firmly in cheek: "And I've been going downhill ever since!
"We're looking to win a Brit Award next year," Kazeem adds, tongue firmly in cheek.
With tongue firmly in cheek, the actress replied: "For once can't you just call me Denise?" Matt quipped: "Sorry sexy." Earlier this year, the pair exchanged tweets about a cucumber, based on a fruity film scene featuring Denise.